Explore the 50 States

Produced by The Library of Congress, this site includes information for each state, such as pictures of its capital, map, state birds and flowers, as well as typical “in a nutshell” information.   For fun,  try the “Treasure Hunt”, which offers a true geographical challenge.

National Geographic Kids

Features include Amazing Facts, Pen Pal Network, Cartoon Factory, Opinion Board, and Talk Board.  Includes several current feature articles and archives.


A terrific, first-rate interactive atlas produced by National Geographic.   With maps, photos, facts and more, this is “the place you’re looking for — or get lost in the cultures, sights, and sounds of the world.”

About.com: Geography

Award-winning professional geographer, Matt Rosenberg, is a the helm of this treasure trove of information, including world atlases and maps, capitals of every country, outine maps, population data, and last by not least, games, quizzess, a forum, and a blog.  Very current and up-to-date.

The White House

Visit the most famous house in America.  Webcams of the many rooms and features of the White House give you an insider’s view.  Biographical information of all the presidents and first-ladies is also readily available.

All About Vermont

The Secretary of State runs a pretty spectacular Kids Page.  Find out lots of cool stuff about Vermont by clicking around and exploring.  Take the “How Much Do I Know about Vermont” quiz after you’ve explored the history, emblems, and government links.  Includes resources for teachers and a fabulous page of “Vermont-approved” links.

The Fairbanks Museum  

This is a valuable resource for everyone in the Northeast Kingdom.  It is the home of the Eye on the Sky guys, you all know Mark Breen.  The museum is a wonderful family trip and schools in this area visit it regularly.  It’s website has information about exhibits, stars, weather, and Q&A. 

The Smithsonian for Kids

Explore history and culture through one of the best sites on the web for students, families, and educators.  Learn about flight with the Wright brothers, the men and air machines of World War II,  or the dramatic history of the Star Spangled Banner, and much more.  Educational games and crafts make this site a winner. 

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

A  living memorial to the Holocaust, this site is appropriate for older students and adults.  Includes personal accounts, images, and primary documents from the actual museum located in Washington, D.C..  The Museum “provides a powerful lesson in the fragility of freedom, the myth of progress, and the need for vigilance in preserving democratic values.”

Eyewitness to History

“From ancient times to the present, history in the words of those who witnessed it”   with voices, photographs and videos of historical events and people. A  great resource for students and teachers. 


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