World Religion For Children

This website is from the Woodlands Junior School in Kent, England. The Woodlands Junior School is a public school (free to attend) for children 7-11 years old. This website is part of the “Homework Help” section of their site. Information about the date last updated and author of the site is not on the Homework Help page itself however, another section of the school’s website lists the creator as Mandy Barrow and states that it is updated frequently. The site was easy to navigate and return to previous pages.

The Religion Homework Help section gives information on Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. Each of these areas gives links to further, more in-depth information from websites such as the BBC. Unlike some sites I visited, I found that the information on this website about the different religions was presented in a fairly unbiased, even manner. I think this site would provide children in elementary and into middle school a good overview of the 6 different religions covered.

Philosophy & Religion

Stanford University has a great web site that has a portion devoted to philosophy and religion. The site is very easy to use. It has a table of contents with hundreds of entries regarding philosophies, religions and different philosopher’s viewpoints on issues. All entries and updates are reviewed by a “distinguished” editorial board before they are made public. I think the site is very accessible, current, but not completely unbiased. It’s impossible to have philosophy articles without a little bias. The content of the articles would be appropriate for grades 7 and 8.

Virtual Religion Index

The Virtual Religion Index is a website that analyzes and highlights important content of religious-related websites to speed research.  It’s stated purpose is “to cut down on time spent surfing and sorting” by giving brief, informative annotations of websites, documents, and other directories.  Students with some experience navigating websites would appreciate the attractive design and layout.  There are no advertisements or distracting pop-ups of any sort, which make this site really stand out as recommended for students.  It was created in 1997 by Mahlon H. Smith as a free service to highlight important content of religious-related websites and has been well-reviewed, which are included on a “review and award” page.  Last updated February 25, 2008.

Religious Tolerance

The website offers information on Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The website also offers lesson plans and an interactive quiz that students really enjoy taking. The message of the website is that by learning about different religions we can understand one another and learn tolerance for all people. I think that is a great message for everyone to learn.

Religion – BBC

The breadth of the site is pretty wide. And perhaps the best feature are the rich photographs that  bring to life abstract content. Plus the BBC is a reputable source. But the BIG downfall here is that students can easily navigate out of this site into some of the BBC’s more  mature content.

Encyclopedia Mythica

I found Encyclopedia Mythica to be a truly exciting Internet encyclopedia. Encyclopedia Mythica describes itself as an award-winning Internet encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and religion.  The mythology section is divided into six geographical regions: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Oceania. There is a Folklore section as well as hundreds of images of deities, heroes, and strange creatures.  I found the site to easy to navigate and bountiful in its information and links.  I explored a number of links, in particular, Greek Creation Myths by Daphne Elliott.  There were 25 links within this entry and I felt that the presentation of the creation myth was appropriate for middle school students, Grades 5-8.

The Jewish Encyclopedia

The Jewish Encyclopedia, a very thorough version of their print version. Covers everything from religion to race. The illustrations though are lacking. This really is an information source, no entertainment value.

Everything Religion

This site is an enormous encyclopdeia about everything religous. The entries range from brief to elaboarte depending on the popularity of the topic. A great resource for getting started.


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