Philosophy for Children

This website is called Philosophy for Children.  Thirty-nine children’s books (some very familiar, others less so) are presented with a short story synopsis of each.  A review of the philosophical issues in each story is provided along with a series of discussion questions to use with children.  There are pages specifically written for children, parents, and educators, but my guess is that this site would be used primarily by adults as a resource in preparation for sharing a book or having a discussion with children.

Philosophy & Religion

Stanford University has a great web site that has a portion devoted to philosophy and religion. The site is very easy to use. It has a table of contents with hundreds of entries regarding philosophies, religions and different philosopher’s viewpoints on issues. All entries and updates are reviewed by a “distinguished” editorial board before they are made public. I think the site is very accessible, current, but not completely unbiased. It’s impossible to have philosophy articles without a little bias. The content of the articles would be appropriate for grades 7 and 8.

This site offers resources on psychology without being too dry or overly academic.

Optical Illusions

This site presents eighty optical illusions. See if your eyes and brain get tricked!


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