Great WebSites

The Digital Librarian brings you great websites to help you start or support your research process. The topics are wide ranging and user friendly. Try not to get lost!

ALA Web Sites for Kids

Here is a great list of links to more sites designed to support your inquisitive mind. The ALA has done a great job collecting websites that work hard to deliver content that is just right for our students.

Internet Public Library

Another great collection of websites to support all things library and internet. IPL has collected websites on topics that range from Business to Buddhism. The IPL is a public service that works to further your understanding of the world around by making the internet a little easier to naviagte.


This is the site that inspire the collection seen here. Dewey Browse organizes the web based on the Dewey Decimal System. Need a website on the moon, check the 500’s, need something on the Olympics browse the 700’s. Dewey Browse offers a lot to wade through but has a huge amount of internet gems.

Understanding Dewey

Want to impress your librarian. Want to rule the world? Your gonna have to know Dewey. Take the test here.

Farmer’s Almanac

Here’s a resource that delivers all you need to know about the weather, gardening, food,  and astronomy. Published since 1792 the wisdom of the old farmer is now available on your lap top in a new form.


This site offers links to online papers throughout the country. Organized alphabetically by state and then alphabetically by city/town, this site has a huge list of news sources ranging from the very local to the very global.


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